Petra River Cruises

The Roseland Peninsula is a must-see form the water.
Petra River Cruises offers a bespoke private cruise just for you.
As you travel along the Percuil River you will take in some of the most beautiful sites Cornwall has to offer.
See St Mawes village from the sea with it’s 16th Century Castle built by Henry VIII.
Pass the ancient and historic Place Manor with it’s 12th century church and mysterious legends.
St Anthony Lighthouse & Fraggle Rock, take in spectacular views of Falmouth and beyond to Helford.
Froe Creek and Mill, location of the tragic beaching of 21 dolphins back in 2008 and a prime historic smuggling location.
A peaceful cruise in tranquil creeks surrounded by verdant woodlands and a wide range of waterside wild life.
Available Fri / Sat/ Sun in June and July/ every day in August.

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