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A small but simply stunning garden, it ranks highly in our ‘small is beautiful’ collection, and featured in the Nation’s Favourite Gardens broadcast by the BBC in 2002.

Inspired by travels abroad, this horticultural hotspot hosts an extensive collection of sub-tropical species set amongst tranquil water gardens. When Robert Dudley-Cooke moved to Lamorran House from Surrey in 1982, he brought with him many types of rhododendrons and evergreen azaleas. Now you can find over 500 varieties of azaleas bursting into bloom as a result of his initial efforts.

As he set about re-creating the gardens of his new residence, the first major development was the Japanese garden with a grotto and waterfall. Then the lower garden was transformed into a Mediterranean-style garden with innovative terrace-plantings in the style of the great gardens of the Italian Riviera. A small temple sits above a wall of bougainvillea and from the succulent bank sprouts agaves and lampranthus. A small Venetian styled bridge from which the visitor has a view out to sea leaning over a balustrade. Standing in this area it is difficult to believe you are on the British mainland with massed plantings of organge gazaniasand arctotis.

Wander through various types of acacias, hundreds of palms – 32 different species – and tree ferns – cyatheas and dicksonias – and experience a distinctly tropical atmosphere as you tread beneath the lush jungle-like canopies. This is a fantastic garden for strolling and relaxing, or for keen garden-enthusiasts to nose into the techniques of the acclimatisation of exotics in the Cornish climate. Whatever your intent, Lamorran is a continually developing horticultural corner and makes a fascinating and unique day out for all garden lovers.

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+44 01326 270 800
Upper Castle Road
St Mawes, Cornwall

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