St Just in Roseland

St Just in Roseland is just a short hop away from St Mawes.

You’ll pass through it on your way to and from the King Harry Ferry and it’s worth a stop to take in one of the UK’s most beautiful churches.

St Just in Roseland has a 13th Century church set above the tidal creek of St Just Pool with a beautiful churchyard luxuriantly planted with sub-tropical species.

It was described by John Betjeman as ‘to many people the most beautiful churchyard on earth’.

It’s the perfect place to head on a hike from St Mawes and you can even grab a cream tea through the summer in the old nursery site opposite the church car park.

From TripAdvisor: “This Church should be a world heritage site – it knocks the socks off Stonehenge!”

“Beautiful church in an amazing location next to the creek. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.”

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